Originally from Davao, Tribu was started by Jason Luengo back in 1995 . In retrospect, he as hardcore outdoorsman never had any inkling that the sandals he initially made for his own use would favorably hit the market and create a ripple in the local footwear industry. Grabbing the orthodox “tsinelas” by the straps, he had successfully originated several footwear features such as tribal engraved designs on undulating outer soles, wave-inspired sole contours, and vibrant ethnic strap patterns that were feverishly copied by other brands.

The name Tribu sprung to life out of interest in mountaineering, and Jason Luengo’s exposure to theater arts specifically on the cultural traditions of the Philippine indigenous tribes, coupled by his firsthand interactions and experiences with different minority groups. Eventually, Tribu evolved as a label which refers to a group of people with common interests.

Distributed first in small outdoor activity specialty stores and boutiques within Metro Manila, Tribu is now widely available in key cities nationwide as it likewise penetrates the international market. Some of SPMI’s distribution partners include Malaysia-based PM Lifestyle, US-based Tribe L3C, Olympic Village, Chris Sports, Toby’s Sports, Royal Sporting House, and all leading department stores in the country. Tribu sandals, flip-flops, and shoes are proudly Philippine-made and of world-class quality.

Through the years, Tribu has established a wide customer base as it stays committed in providing only the best products and services. It has also given birth to 3 other brands, namely, MISS T, the ladies’ line that includes handbags, belts, shirts and swim wear, as well as made-for-women-only sandals; TWEEBU, the footwear designed for our little adventurers; and the outdoor fashion line for sports-centrics, KURV.

Over the years, Tribu maintained an active role in supporting environmental awareness and conservation.

Since the creation, advancement and expansion of our product lines, which initially started with the use of recycled garbage bags, cardboards and clothbased nets as packaging materials, we have led by example in the business industry in advocating environmental preservation as we engage our valued customers to our cause.

Apart from incorporating eco-friendly materials to our products, we raised the bar by venturing on the upcycling approach by integrating used and disposed rubber tires in developing our latest creations. Apart from guaranteed craftsmanship and quality, Tribu offers nothing but comfort, durability and functionality among its brand users.

Today, Tribu has grown leaps and bounds in terms of product innovation. Proudly Filipino in art and sole, we are committed in bringing you quality fashionable products to match your lifestyle.



because our world is not flat

The unique design of our curved sole is rooted in our active and outdoor lifestyle.

When we set out to create a sole for our sandals, we looked no further than how we lived our lives. And how we connect and interact with our environment.

We’re laid back, but we’re also explorers. We sit still, but only long enough to enjoy a majestic sunset. The rest of the time, we’re busy moving. Living. Wearing a path on the unknown road.


TRIBU is a premier adventure and lifestyle brand. We aim to deliver innovative products that are durable, performance driven and designed with style.

We aren’t pathfinders. We make our own paths. We stay true to the spirit of adventure that gave birth to and nurtured the brand while always keeping with the times.

We care deeply about our planet and how our business affects it. We consider her in every move we make and every product we make. As constant as the mountains that move us, we walk equipped for adventure and fueled by the passion and attitudes of the lifestyles to which we cater.

TRIBU is the standard bearer of Filipino ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship. We shall continue to be the “Pambansang Tsinelas” (National Sandal) embraced by all tribes, terrains and adventures.

walk with us
Sacred Peak Marketing, Inc. (SPMI) was incorporated and registered with the Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on January 29, 2003 under SEC. Reg. No. CS 200302243. The company was established primarily to operate the business of manufacturing, distribution, selling and buying of footwear, apparel, bags and accessories for the brand Tribu.