A Lifetime of Tribu

A brand testimonial by @the_regulator96

As a matter of personal preference, I would not take my Tribu’s to the trails but I need sturdy camp sandals for when I have to move around, wobbly lightweight flip-flops just didn’t cut it. I expend too much energy on other muscle groups in the feet when I try to adjust my footing just so some flimsy ‘lightweight’ flip-flops won’t break on rugged terrain. Energy I could have saved for the following day’s hike. And when in survival camps, moving around is not limited to just locating a latrine or a nearby water source- you would have to do scouting for firewood and other resources, so much so that a different scout pack with essential items is also designated for the task. This is where my Tribu sandals come into the picture, where the relative weight is more than just an acceptable trade-off for the durability.

Which leads me to brand reputation. Regardless if I have broken in a Tribu sandals or not, I know that it will always rise to the occasion. And in each household member’s BOB (Bug-out Bag, or Go Bag for the uninitiated, the kind where you put survival items and just grab as you go during an emergency evacuation), you will find a pair of Tribu sandals, and never those tacky Brazilian latex flip-flops. I already have too much on my mind when I am ‘switched on’, neurons firing in every direction, senses heightened to eleven and I do not want a pair of slippers for burden on an emergency scenario. At least with Tribu, I can have my peace of mind even for just that one aspect, and focus on things that matter more.

It stands not only as a world class builder of products that can truly compete in the international market and rightfully claim that Pinoy Pride label (which has been misrepresented repeatedly of late), but also as an icon of one success story rooted on humble beginnings.

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